The next generation of streaming technologists

Published Thursday March 30, 2023

Meet our new wave of #futureisbright graduates working in the 24i Amsterdam and Brno Office, talking about their journey. It’s great to see the great progress they have made in such a short time. Here they share what they have learned and the experience they have gained during their time with us, as well as talking about some of the challenges they have faced.


Bohdan Tsariuchenko

QA Graduate

I have a real desire for new knowledge and self-development. A friend dropped me a link to a vacancy, that’s how I found out about the role. The first month was difficult and stressful, everything is so new, with a lot to learn, but it’s really worth it. Now I understand everything much better and what was difficult is now easier for me. I really like the opportunity of further development in this area, at 24i, and I am enjoying the sense that I am responsible for the work I do; no one stands over you and controls you. Do not be afraid of new opportunities and changes!

Aneta Pelánová

QA Graduate

I’ve wanted to start working as a tester since high school, I just wasn’t brave enough until now 🙂 I found out about the position via my friend who told me about the role and at the same time I stumbled upon the same offer on a job-seeking website. The first month was difficult because you need to get to know the whole process and all of the tools used, but after this phase I started to feel much more comfortable, even though I switched teams very early! Everyone at 24i was very helpful. I appreciate the opportunity to try something new and the freedom to choose what suits me the best. Always be trying to leave your comfort zone!

Štěpán Směřička

QA Graduate

I wanted to start working in testing and was actively looking for employment. I found out about the vacancy through information from 24i HR. With anything new, the first few months are always hard work, and the biggest challenge was to become a full member of the highly skilled team. But it is a great opportunity for a new beginning, to absorb knowledge and skills and evolve.

Martin Machálek

SW Developer Graduate

I really wanted to expand my skills from being a simple tinkerer to a fully-fledged engineer. First contact was made with me by the very friendly 24iHR team. In the first couple of months, getting to know company systems and orientation in projects was the most challenging thing. This is the best opportunity for those not fully established to gain experience and grow. My advice is go for it! Don’t let fear stop you from succeeding and achieving your goals.

Erik Harviščák

Sales Development Representative Graduate

I wanted to gain new experience and expand my skills in a brand new field. I found out about this position on our University website. The most challenging part was getting to know the prospect qualification and getting to know the internal programs. Nevertheless, what I consider as the most positive thing was my 24i colleagues, who were very helpful and supportive. The best thing about the program is that it is an opportunity for students that are still at University, even if they have no or little experience in this field. Accept new challenges and pursue your goals.

Tim Reiling

ITSM Specialist in Technology Ops

I already had some experience with 24i as I was an intern there for 2 years. I officially started my graduate program on the first of January 2023. After my internship I decided to develop myself to get more experience. When 24i offered me the chance to progress through the graduate program, it seemed like the perfect stepping stone to my future career. The first few months went quite smoothly, there’s a lot of work to do internally, which has given me some really good ideas about doing some research about processes, and how I can maybe make them run more smoothly. I am looking forward to presenting them to my manager soon. I have only just started, but it seems to be a really great program so far.


It’s great to see how far they have come in such a short space of time. It’s good to hear about the experience they have gained during their time with us, as well as talking about some of the challenges they have faced. This year we continue hiring and looking for young people hungry for new knowledge. Check out our pages and don’t hesitate to contact us, because the future doesn’t belong to the fainthearted, it definitely belongs to the brave ones.