Our graduates in the Hong Kong office

Published Tuesday April 25, 2023

Meet our latest wave of #futureisbright graduates working for Amino in the Hong Kong office, talking about their journey. It’s great to see how far they have progressed in such a short time as they share what they have learned and the experience they have gained during their time with us, as well as talking about some of the challenges they have faced.


Thomas Yeung

Graduate Trainee

I joined Amino in July and my first rotation was with the Server team. I first heard about Amino’s graduate programme from my friend. The graduate programme is on a rotation basis, which raises my interest since I can get experience in many different areas of technology. I have always been interested in being a software engineer, and this gives me a solid foundation to build my career. My first month in Amino was challenging. Since I have no full-time job experience at all, I was quite nervous about my performance and I was afraid that I could not reach the expectations of the managers and become a burden to the team. Luckily, all my teammates and managers are really nice and helpful. They are willing to answer all my questions and keep reviewing and advising me on my work. It helped me a lot to adapt to the culture of the team. Amino is an amazing company with great culture and people. It is a good company to kickstart your career as a software engineer.

Vincent CK Chan

Graduate Trainee

I joined the team in August 2022. The main benefits are the office location, WFH policy, and the opportunity for job rotation. In the first month, I worked as part of the Android Platform Team. There are many things that I’m not familiar with, in particular, I don’t have so much knowledge of firmware and Android TV, but my supervisor and colleagues are nice, and they are very willing to teach me. I have the opportunity to rotate through many different teams and try different SDLC processes. It allows me to work with different colleagues, boosting my horizontal career growth.

Marcus Lo

Graduate Trainee

I started my role in August 2022. I have always had a great interest in software engineering as it causes people to change their lifestyles and habits. Different types of software have become part of people’s lives nowadays. Participating in developing software in a set-top box is even more exciting. Every feature implemented plays a part in helping users enjoy their leisure time fully. I got to know about this position through an employment agency. It is definitely not easy since this is my first time working as a full-time formal employee. It takes time to adapt to the working environment. The rest went pretty smoothly. I don’t feel much pressure working on the assigned tasks. The best part of the programme is that it is okay to make mistakes as a trainee. Learning from your faults is the most efficient way to learn. The opportunity of working in different teams not only enriches my experience but also shows me a bigger picture of how different teams are working together on the same project.


As you can see, our company brings them challenges and unique opportunities to learn and grow. This year we continue to look for and hire more young people hungry for new knowledge, and not just in Hong Kong, but also in some of our other offices around the world. Check out our pages and don’t hesitate to contact us, because the future doesn’t belong to the fainthearted, it definitely belongs to the brave.