Why do you have a graduate programme?

We believe that by helping to develop future generations of talent, we will create new opportunities for us and our customers, as well as enabling you to help shape the future of our industry.

How many graduates have you hired over the last few years?

We have hired several graduates over the past few years and we’re really pleased some of them have decided to build their careers with us for the long term. Check out their video testimonials on #FutureisBright

What is the interview process?

All details regarding the recruitment process and program structure can be found on the Graduate Programme page of this site.

What should I do if I'm interested in more than one position/team?

You can apply for more than one open graduate position but please do think about the one you prefer, because this question may come up during the recruitment process.

Do you offer full-time or part-time Graduate roles?

Yes we offer both full and part-time positions, however there may be some difference between positions and location. To ensure you can fully participate in the programs and get the most from your time with us we would ask that you commit to a minimum 30 hour week. But tell us about what works for you and we will happily talk to you about it.

Can I work from home?

We encourage our employees to work together as one team but given the new Covid situation we recommend you work from home. This information may differ depending on the situation in each location.

How is the graduate programme finished?

Throughout the programme you will have regular evaluations with your manager. Each graduate will also work on a project which will be presented to your team members and the Group CEO.

So how do Amino and 24i work together?

Our two companies combine their products and services to create an industry leading eco-system. A full end-to-end solution but importantly with choice to allow customers to customise solutions for their particular needs. Both companies combine this powerful product suite with industry leading set of professional services, support and partners. Together as employees we work to meet both our individual and common objectives, sharing knowledge, experience and insight on a regular basis.

What are you doing to promote Diversity & Inclusion?

Our aim within Aferian is to foster and develop a company culture where Diversity is one positive outcome of working in a multi-diverse global organisation. Everyone will feel comfortable to bring their authentic self to work, and will be encouraged to share their thoughts and opinions on all topics.

What is it like to work with you?

One of our values is “Daily Happiness” and this sums up how we work. We all enjoy coming to work and meeting friends and colleagues. We have an open and innovation-driven culture that is committed to ensuring that everyone has equal opportunities when working with, or for, our Company. We promote a culture of inclusion and diversity in which all those connected to the Company feel proud of their identity, bringing their authentic self to work and feeling able to participate fully.

What's in it for me if I join?

We will help you learn, give you valuable experience and provide you with multiple new experiences and opportunities to develop your career. In return you will have the opportunity to work across the entire company, not just in your area of expertise.

Do you have any hints and tips for my application?

Be yourself. We want to know what makes you, you. Have fun and tell us what you have achieved, what you like, what your outside interests are, and why you are keen to join us. We’re looking to hear about your work experiences, what you have been learning and what teams you have been a part of. When you send us information, please load pdf documents and make sure you send us your CV too.

Is this a paid Graduate programme?

Yes, this is a paid programme. We want you to feel part of our company and we will treat you like a normal employee with pay and access to the perks and benefits we offer our staff.

Will I receive time off for holidays?

We want you to feel part of our company and we will treat you like a normal employee which will include also holiday entitlement. For each country the number of days may differ, please check with us on the local specifics.

As well as standard holidays we also offer a day of birthday leave so you can enjoy your birthday (party) with your family and friends.

Is it all about work, what else can I expect if I join?

If you are wondering if we enjoy any benefits and perks, the answer is yes! We regularly enjoy a range of office-based perks, team building events and other initiatives that help bring us together virtually and socially. We work hard and enjoy what we do, but have fun at the same time!

What I can do after the programme?

During the 18 months with us you will have plenty of opportunities to learn. We will be very happy to share our knowledge and coach you through a range of new experiences to help you create the basis for a bright future. If you decide to stay with us after this period is over we can provide you with a permanent contract, but if you decide to pursue a career elsewhere you will have a strong base from which to kick start your career.

What has 2020-2021 been like?

We recognise that the past two years have been a very strange year for everyone. In Aferian, we are committed being part of the solution to the current situation, so we have embraced the technology we work with daily to allow us to continue collaborating seamlessly even though we may be physically apart. We have embraced a flexible approach to work to ensure all our colleagues and their families remain safe and supported: we will continue operating in this way for as long as we need to.

What benefits do you enjoy?

Many companies offer financial benefits, but with us you will get more than that, you will become one of Aferian family. We provide so much more than just monetary recognition for the work you do and if you join us, you will be able to enjoy the full range of benefits we offer. These may vary from location to location but wherever you work, we support employees’ health and wellbeing. When we are able to, we get together regularly as colleagues to celebrate success and each other; staff summer events and Christmas parties are regular dates in the diary. We recognise the social benefits of time spent together outside work and we run a number of team building activities that in the past have included breakfast in the office, company dinners, board games, Indeedy Bingo, karaoke, cocktail making, a company Music video (check us out on LinkedIn!) and we also have a company band! We champion well-being and provide access to range of associated benefits such as Headspace, guided meditation, yoga, and company-wide fitness challenges to ensure we are looking after our mental and physical health.